Charles Furey On April 15, 2013, just moments after the second bomb exploded outside the Forum Restaurant where friends of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation were cheering on their charity runners, Chuck rushed onto a now deserted patio, looking for his family amongst the indescribable carnage. What happened next, after finding his wife and daughter, was a frantic attempt to help those who were injured; the placing of a tourniquet on a young man’s leg, finding scattered couch cushions to elevate a mangled foot, watching as EMTs, physicians and firefighters tended to the dead and wounded…all while feeling the loss and surreal confusion of the attack. In an instant, Chuck Furey, a husband, father of two, Eagle Scout, and 33 year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry specializing in oncology, had also become a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. As the days and weeks and months went by, Boston came together as a city, a community and a nation. People all over the country donated to the One Fund to help us heal. Out of the horror, sadness and trauma of the event came for Chuck, a need to give back. Knowing the importance of local charity work first hand, he had a newfound appreciation for how the act of charitable giving spans beyond one’s backyard. The idea of creating a national web of giving, where everyone helps everyone else and where local charities could benefit from a national spirit of philanthropy was born…and so Chuck, an impassioned Harley rider, created The ONE Ride.

The ONE Ride is both a fundraising campaign and a lone 14,000 Miles of Giving motorcycle ride by Chuck that creates a national web of giving and raises money and awareness for five charitable foundations that help families in crisis.

If you would like to see more information about the five foundations, and learn why Chuck selected them, please click here.

Charles (Chuck) Furey
The ONE Ride
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Marathon Runners
Always Run To. Always Run For. Never Run From.
We Finish Together.
One year after the bombing, Eddie O'Brien, Gillian Furey, Erin Fleming (Forum's Events Manager) and Shannon O'Brien, all first time marathoners, crossed the finish line of the 118th Boston Marathon arm in arm. A total of 47 JAF team members raised nearly half a million dollars to help 700 families fighting cancer.
# Boston Strong.
Boston Marathon 2013 After First Blast8
Boston Marathon 2013 After Second Blast
An instant before the second bomb goes off Gillian, Chuck's daughter in the red coat with her back to camera, Gill's fiancé Eddie O'Brien in the blue tee shirt, and Anne, Chuck's wife in the red coat in center…along with many close friends and Joe Andruzzi Foundation staff and patient families react to the sound of the first explosion. And then the patio is engulfed.

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